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12vs dualshiel .045 with bobcat 225

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  • 12vs dualshiel .045 with bobcat 225

    Would a welder be able to run a 12vs , dualshield fluxcore wire ,size 0.45 off of a bobcat 225??

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    Sure. I believe the bc225 puts out 28v of cv?
    You won't be running ultra high wire speed with the set up but it's more then enough to get the job done at medium wire speeds.
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      Depends on cable length, voltage drop at wire feeder duty cycle etc.
      Been running a lot of Excell Arc 71 lately off my older Big 40. It has CV pkg. and runs dual shield off wire feeder super.
      I’m running big wire from welder to feeder. I think it’s #4 but it’s at least as big as my thumb.
      I only lose between 1-2 volts to feeder but feeder drops 4 volts wile welding. Recommended voltage is at wire wile welding.
      I just checked mine with Meter last week to make sure nothing has changed since last time I dialed it in. Dual shield runs 23 to 29 volts.
      So for my welder to run 25 volts at Arc I’m running 30 to 31 volts at welder.
      Dual shield really shines at 27 volts horizontal but I need 32 to 33 volts at welder.
      It makes the old welder work but it will run it all day long.
      You might be able to weld it with Bobcat but in my opinion not near big enough for welding heavy metal or welding all day. And you’ll never get to the upper end of dual shield.


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        I know how hard my Big 40 works welding dual shield so I Just looked at Miller web site and the new Bobcats are listed 100% duty cycle on CC at 25 volts BUT for CV mig only listed at 20 Volt
        Not looking very promising.
        For my work I wouldn’t buy anything less than Big 40 or pipe pro 350 but I do a lot of very heavy welding.
        They all have there place and all welders are different.
        But for me almost 99% of my field work is wire feeder and dual shield.