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MM251 & Spoolmatic 30A - cheapest route for aluminum

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  • MM251 & Spoolmatic 30A - cheapest route for aluminum

    I'm a hobby welder with a MM251 for over a 10 years now and never had the need to weld aluminum. I'm planning to build a flatbed for my pickup over winter and to the best of my research adding a Spoolmatic 30A is the easiest/cheapest route to go with what I already have. ( I understand I need another tank of argon, but that seems given with whatever I end up doing ). I'm curious for the money spent on the Spool gun is there another alternative out on the market that may give me better results at a lower entry cost for welding aluminum? Ebay seems to have a few Spoolmatic 30A used/new around $800 give or take.

    The intended purpose for most of my welding is 1/8" or larger for aluminum, I believe 1/4" would be the upper end though for aluminum that I could for see working with. With limited research it appears mig aluminum process seems to be quicker than tig, I also think tig has a steeper learning curve?

    For Example, would this work, I'm not sure what this WC-3A is, not familiar with it

    Just curious on the thoughts\suggestions of the group?

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