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m10 gun repair?

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  • m10 gun repair?

    I recently got a mm135 and I wasn't getting good gas flow. If you look at the picture

    Is this repairable? This welder is for just a couple welds a year and will not see any real work. I'd rather not buy a new gun if I could avoid it.

    Was the tubing for the gas shielding supposed to be attached to the connector or is it just a pressed tight when everything is back together?

    Am I able to remove the copper piece that holds down the welding cable and re-attach the welding cable wires?

    There's part #209495, but from the diagram, it looks like it's only the portion that is supposed to be threaded into what's shown in the picture. It would be immediately to the left outside of the picture (not shown).

    I see the liner is a replaceable part.

    Thanks for the help!
    Cable damage at machine end

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    We are once again a victim of whatever this forum does to pictures. Can you attach them a different way? I use the "manage attachments" link or [img] tag a hosted picture elsewhere.

    WHY ISN'T THE FORUM ADMIN FIXING THIS KNOWN PROBLEM?????????!!!!!!!! We didn't have this problem years ago, so it was an implemented change that obviously didn't work. It's just piss-poor site maintenance and has been asked about numerous times.

    From what very LITTLE I can see in the tiny thumbnail, are those copper strands all broken off of the base of the gun lead? I can't see the gas hose yet. Sorry. It's so rare that a new poster asks a good question and supplies a picture, and then we can't see it because of some geek somewhere.

    The M10 gun is plagued with problems. It's usually the attachment of the wires at the trigger. I've had to rebuild every single one I've ever had. My current one has two separate AWG16 stranded trigger wires running back to the machine and just zip-tied to the gun lead.

    If what I THINK I'm seeing is true, I don't think you can repair those frayed copper strands. I had one like that on a reconditioned Millermatic Passport I bought. It went through Miller in that condition, but the damage was hidden under the jacket, but it was very obvious when you actually handled it and it flopped around, or should have been to people at the factory. When I finally figured out why my arc was sporadic, they did replace it under warranty. That kind of damage would be from abuse, and probably why someone returned the machine to get "reconditioned."


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        The photo better if I uploaded it to my photo album first.

        The copper strands are half broken at the base. Damage looks like it's just from abuse.

        My trigger still works fine, but sounds like this isn't meant to be repairable.



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          Originally posted by weldAsNeeded View Post
          ...sounds like this isn't meant to be repairable...
          In a desperate world, you could find methods to make secure electrical contact for everything, but yeah, that's pretty bad and not meant to be repairable. The problem could be designed out of it, but there's no NEED to overbuild to prevent abuse damage at that part. The trigger issues, on the other hand...

          If there was no way to get a new gun assembly, I would probably twist all the broken strands together and "tin" them with solder, along with a #6 jumper that I would attach back to the copper ring that used to hold all the strands. Without solder, you can probably make an emergency repair with screw-type compression lugs or split bolts or something, and even a hose-clamp to keep the jumper on the ring. I'm just brainstorming.


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              weldAsNeeded I sent you a PM. I have a gun...Bob
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