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Miller xmt 350 vs does not power up.

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  • Miller xmt 350 vs does not power up.

    New to the forum. Have looked around on here, saw alot of knowledge. But didn't find the answer to my problem. I have an xmt 350 vs that does nothing when I flip the switch. I have left the red wire out, and have it connected to single phase power. I haven't gone any further yet due to lack of time mostly. Also that I'd feel dumb if I di s, and found out there is a jumper or something to switch to single phase. Thanks

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    Is this machine new to you, or have you seen it work before? Have you already read the manual?

    That unit has AutoLine and doesn't need any jumpers inside to be switched around.

    It does require at least 208V. What are you attempting to feed it, and have you verified that you have it?
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      New to me. Got it for a labor trade. I did pull the cover, and found that the black lead near the power switch was off, and screw laying in bottom.

      u was all excited until I turned it on, and it displayed a help 8 code. I haven't had much luck finding any info on how to check anything, just stuff saying to send it to a miller authorized repair facility.

      thank you for the speedy reply.


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        Ok, can't win for losing. Turned off, unplugged, plugged in. Displayed amps and volts. As soon as the electrode touched, tiny spark, and help 1 error code. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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          Originally posted by Melbo View Post
          ... help 1 error code. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
          You haven't yet answered the question I asked about input power. What are you feeding it?

          Help-1 code indicates a malfunction in the primary power circuit.

          The black lead was off? And you fixed it? Are you able to ask the previous owner what's going on?


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            Single phase 240 sorry. Didn't mean to get carried away.


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              I did ask the previous owner. He ended up getting it in a real estate deal he did. So has no history.


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                Download yourself a manual that's matched to the units serial number. Read the wiring/power section and the error/help code sections.
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                  Where would I find the serial number? I see a blank sticker on the back of the unit. Has the address etc, but no serial number. Not sure if this was a demo of some kind, but it doesn't to be tampered with in any way at all. Is it on one of the cards or chasis somewhere? I haven't had time to really search for it. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks


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                    Is there a location other than the sticker on the rear of the unit?