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Miller 44D output

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  • Miller 44D output

    We have a miller trailblazer 40 4D serial number is JE789397 it worked fine the last time we used it. started up no output at all

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    When you say "no output at all," please verify you checked all three polarities: DC-. DC+, and AC. Do you have 120V AC at the receptacle?

    You have a model number typo in your post, I'm assuming, as if it was from a speech-to-text program or something. I went off the model number provided in the subject line.


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      Yes sorry about that 44D no out put AC DC or 120 ac


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        How long ago was "the last time"? Generator rotor may have lost its residual magnetism needed to kick things off.

        I would start with cleaning the three rotor slip rings with some 320grit sandpaper and if it still won't wake up apply 12VDC(+) to the center slip ring brush terminal (lead #5) and 12VDC(-) to brush terminal of lead #6 for a couple seconds with the unit running.
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