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Submerged Syncrowave 200... Repair or Replace?

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  • Submerged Syncrowave 200... Repair or Replace?

    My syncrowave 200 was partially submerged in hurricane Irma. The water filled my shed and was there for a while. I finally got around to taking the panels off to check the damage and it doesn't look that bad. The main circuit board is near the top of the machine. It looks like there are some connections, the small circuit board for the foot pedal, the 110 receptacle and breaker, and the main on/off switch that may be affected. The machine was not wired up yet so hopefully that helps. I am going to try and take it to a certified repair center next week, just want an idea of what I'm in for ahead of time.

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    Make sure it is completely dry b4 you plug it in... Good Luck!!


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      I'd methodically disassemble and go thru every connection with electronic contact cleaner (e.g. CRC, 91% isopropyl alcohol or other brand--avoid chlorinated sprays). That machine pulls some serious juice so I'd thoroughly inspect the transformer and any other big juice items for unintended "connections" from rust, other debris. A major "house keeping" cleaning before energizing.
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          Originally posted by Broccoli1 View Post
          Thanks Broccoli1 for the link. I'm sure that I'm not the only one and I feel like I know Duane and all of his supporters now. The Miller distributor in Miami is a certified repair center. They are asking for $100 up front to check the machine out and will apply that to the repair bill if I want to go ahead with it. I think that's the safest bet. We moved down here in May, bought and had the shed delivered in August and I was in the process of running a sub panel to it. My auto darkening hoods were under water also, maybe they still work.