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Need evaluation for my welding test

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  • Need evaluation for my welding test

    Hello fellows, since I have purchased the miller matic 211 and I am enjoying the welding even I make mistakes also I am very happy because the miller machine is perfect for me.
    I have made some series of test and need someone to tell me what the problem .
    I am using 30 (0.8) mm wire with 100% Co2
    The plate almost 3mm with is 1/8 of inch.

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    You have a shielding gas or material contamination issue. Pretty much every bead there has a porosity issue.
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      Oh man, you're asking for judgement? You're going to get it, that's for sure....

      1. You need to check and make sure you're on the correct polarity. Those welds look....uh....not so good.
      2. You're not getting steady. Looks like you're free-handing it. Find something to prop on.
      3. Your shielding gas coverage is insufficient and you're probably not cleaning it up good enough before you weld.
      4. Stick out appears to be inconsistent and you may not be getting a good ground. MIG relies on a good ground.

      You should try practicing in a consistent manner. I mean, get a plate of metal about 6" square and just run flat beads. Just stack beads one right after the other. It will teach you more in a controlled manner. If your test is always the same, then the variables, like WFS and voltage, become manageable.


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        thank you very much for your reply.
        maybe cleaing is important. Gas gauage set at 20
        i will practice again then i will post maybe better hopfully thank you guys


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          Make sure your gun is pushed all the way into the machine. Make sure gas comes out of the nozzle when you pull the trigger. Make sure your welding leads are hooked up right inside the machine. The gun will be + and the ground --- ...Bob
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            And make sure there is no wind (or a fan) blowing the shielding gas away while you're welding.


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              It simply looks to me like you are holding the gun too far away from the work.
              Get someone to come over and get you going the right way before you take on some bad habits.

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                Ahmed--if you haven't already, look at some of the mig welding videos at Jody has some good stuff there that may help you.


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                  Many of us (oldtimers) started out with stick and frankly our welds probably looked a lot worse. Ryanjones already mentioned this, but a quick, simple check on those leads (polarity) below the drive control assembly is essential too . I use four Miller Machines, jump from shielded to flux-cored regularly to do outside farm welding and have been known to "forgetta-bout" those lead settings as well.
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