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Spectrum 375 ( Old style) Cup light flashing-AGAIN !!

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  • Spectrum 375 ( Old style) Cup light flashing-AGAIN !!

    Hello All, new guy on the forum. I am setting up a home workshop and purchased a Miller 250DX Syncrowave and a used Spectrum 375. The 375 turns on, flows air but does not ignite the pilot and flashes the "CUP" lamp. I followed the troubleshooting steps in the manual, checked out forums and contacted Miller, everybody says it's the PC board gone bad. Does anybody have a good 213-150 board they want to sell ? The torch is an almost new XT-30c and I was wondering if there needs to be a reconfiguration of PLG-1 on the connector or some other minor issue besides the main board ? any help would be appreciated. Thanx for reading