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    Any of y'all running a speedglas 9100 series? I've got one I've been using for about 5 years now. Pretty much been used only for tig until I started this job last week. I'm having problems with it not getting dark fast enough. I get blinded at first. Then I've got a purple spot in my vision and it's hard as **** to see the weld once it does darken. Doing a lot of stick and flux core at this job which the hood has never seen. Did it get used to tig? Or is it just worn out? I've got a pipeliner with an auto Radnor shade 10 in it I've been using instead. It gets dark fast enough. But shade 10 isn't enough for this flux core. Stuff is suuuper bright. Gonna change the batteries in the speedglas and see if it helps. But usually when it needs batteries it has a blinky red light. Changed the clear lens and wiped off the sensors and that didn't help. Anyone had this problem before?

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    On a Miller Forum You need a shade 12 for flux core. Don't go blind...Bob
    Bob Wright

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      I mean I own a big 20 and a dynasty 200. But no Miller hoods. There's gotta be more like me.


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        I'm not familiar with your hood, maybe a setting you can adjust?

        When I do a lot of wire welding, I wear sunglasses under my hood. Helps a lot.


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          Did you adjust the delay setting? There is also a sensitivity setting as well. Tig has a much softer start.
          I have a 9100XX and even tho I feel its not my favorite hood of all time I prefer it over my Elite Titanium most times.
          During the eclipse a while back I had to mess around with it for a bit before it suited me again.
          I normally set mine to just barely stay off with whatever lighting environment I'm in. Then fine tune from there.

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            If the clear protective front lens is dirty/scratched maybe it's preventing the sensors from doing their job??