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Looking for Wire Drive motor and roller assembly or either one.

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  • Looking for Wire Drive motor and roller assembly or either one.

    need a Bodine 24Y4BEPM-D3 ( bodine number or 113688Miller number) wire feed motor and or a166005 drive wire roller assembly. It is for a black face 1989 Miller Matic 200 mig welder.208 rpm,1/17 hp , 180v D.C., 12:1 ratio . I know ...good luck. Lol ,,,trying here ,,,thanks all.

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    There is a welder boneyard out west think it's called stumphs welding I will try to post a link they may have one .


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      Do you have a broken one that might just need repaired?

      Did you already try calling the places that pop up in a Google search?

      Like this one at the top of the pile? The speed and voltage are different than your specs but the model number appears to be the same.

      All the 1/17 HP DC motors I currently see at Bodine are 90 or 130 VDC. Are you sure this one is 180 VDC ?

      Are you able to adapt the shaft configuration if you find specs close enough?
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        29 here it is worth a shot and double check Macs parts with yours


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          I know this is stupid and I too someday will be looking for ways to keep my old Miller running. Too bad an electric drill couldn't be adapted if nothing else. Just me grinding gears...Bob
          Bob Wright

          Spool Gun conversion. How To Do It. Below.


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            I like it, Bob. I'd sure look for a way to try it before parting with my MM200 if my drive motor ever dies.