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My first welds...advice welcome!

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  • My first welds...advice welcome!

    Using a miller 211. Any advice to be better I am listening.

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      There are far more qualified weldors here to comment than I, but looks like a pretty decent first shot.

      Were you using autoset? Can't see too clearly on my phone but it looks a little cold to me with penetration lacking, which is very common for new MIG weldors. Would like to see a little weld filling in that gap on the back side. Increase your wire speed a bit, which will increase amperage and penetration. Keep practicing!


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        That's the kind of welding I do most of the time. Looks pretty good to me, through pics on the Internet. Practice will make them smoother.

        Start closer to the edge, even if just with a spot weld before you run a stringer bead, or wrap around corners a bit more to prevent the gaps near the edges that you'll have to fill with another spot weld later.


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          Keep a short stick out. Too much of stick out and the bead will crown up.


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            Thanks everyone for the feedback.

            Also I just did a few more beads and 3 out of the 4 of them had little holes in the welds. I found them once I did some grinding on them. A few of the beads you could see may one or 2 small holes from the surface....but once I started grinding a lot more were showing up. What is this from?


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              Before asking questions, you should tell us everything you are using and what all your current settings are.

              What you are referring to is known as porosity. My first guess might be insufficient gas coverage. What shielding gas are you using, and at what CFH on your gauge?

              While you are at it, what wire are you using and what size?

              What are the settings of your machine for the weld in question? Voltage? Wire speed? Polarity?

              Monitoring your stickout is a great idea. How far away from the puddle do you try to keep your tip?

              What is the joint prep before you welded? Is there mill scale or any contaminants on the steel? Are you able to show a pic of the porosity?
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                Welding outdoors windy will also affect your shielding gas or too close to a fan in your shop can also cause porosity also oils on the metal etc cleaner the better


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                  To Hot and to fast on the wire speed


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                    (1) Crown is high meaning your tip is too long (among other things)
                    (2) Penetration on the back side is incomplete

                    (3) Bottom line: Amperage and wire speed (not sure if you're using Autoset) need to be fine tuned.
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                      I am using the autoset....I can try manual settings. Also I will send more details when I get home later.

                      But I am using .035 wire, I try to keep a .5 inch stick out.

                      I did grind all paint off and cleaned up. But the ones with the porosity I did fresh bandsaw cuts and it may have had oils on it, and I neglected to clean those.


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                        But don't be discouraged! That wasn't going to fall apart, assuming you weren't towing it!

                        I'm closer with my stickout, for better or worse. Give it a shot. I probably don't have much experience with wire that big for steel that small, even though it should be within range.


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                          No...I am not discouraged. I am still having fun. I am just building a welding cart. If I was working on critical projects I may be worried.


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                            Agree with Mac. That wasn't going to come apart any time soon. Let us know if the porosity was caused by oil. Should be an easy fix. Cleanliness and no breeze should do it. I have had a roll of bad wire cause it intermittently - not everything from China is junk but a lot is. Only Hobart or Lincoln wire in my welders.


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                              I am almost certain it was the oil residue. This is lincoln wire. The welds in the photos did not have this porosity...just my new welds and only on the edge where the cut was made....the other edges were fine. I am also in my garage and no air movement was happening. Just laziness and ignorance.