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  • Perfect Marriage?

    Does anyone know if I can use a 22A 24V wire feeder with a XMT 300 cc/cv power source?
    Thanks in advance

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    Yes you can...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Thank you Bob


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        Had that setup for close to thirty years. With a spool gun to help stretching out to hit hard to reach areas, and welding aluminum and a foot petal tor tig welding, it has been the very best investment i have ever made in my working career. I have had very good luck with this machine. Issues. wore out the drive motor on the first s22 i bought with the machine but since i used it at my place of employment they purchased me a brand-new feeder. I now have a issue with the xmt. I use it at a second production plant so by dragging it from place to place every day and plugging into different 440 3phase outlets it sometimes loses power. I shut it off, take 3 deep breaths and turn it back and sometimes it will be flawless for weeks and sometimes one weld. I believe the main wires to the machine have loosened. Have not had time to pull it apart yet.