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    looking at a used bobcat 225 that has 1600 hours. I know they're supposed to have an average lifespan of between 2-3000 hours. Is there anything in particular to look for in terms of issues? I'm looking to use this as a starter machine for a small mobile welding business and at almost half the cost of a brand new machine it'd be a great entry level cost.

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    Find out what oil the current owner has been running in it.


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      makes sense. I guess my question is really what to look for on the welder side of things... the engine I've pretty much got (been around mechanics my whole life) but is there anything specific to look for in the electronics of it all?


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        Welcome, ecc. There are others here with far more knowledge than I have about welders, but years of systems engineering and field experience on other equipment say pull the covers and look for anything that has obviously been hot--wires, connectors, controls. Also, I would want to see nice clean slip rings, not black ones. Most important-how does it weld on the various coarse settings? AC power OK? Put a good heavy load on it-couple of KW of those halide work lights is a good test, or a couple of electric heaters. Does it Idle up/down OK? Any signs of having been in a flood? Any mouse nests inside? Mouse urine isn't good for electrical stuff. Hope it works out well for you.
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          ok great, thank you for the suggestions!


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            On gas engines lots can happen...............rings , valves , de-carboning the combustion chamber Etc: Then of course the generator most areas there are electrical company's..........check with your local welding supply house that will load test the unit for a $100 or so...........that will include a compression test and power test................that alone will give you an indication of how much life is left.or whether to buy or not.