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Millermatic 140 flux core feed wire problems

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  • Millermatic 140 flux core feed wire problems

    Hi everybody this problem is driving me up the wall.
    Ive ran solid core wire through it in the past years with not really much of any problems. I converted it over to flux core and installed the appropriate drive roller about a year ago. I ran a 2lb spool through it and didnt have much of a problem. Im currently running a 10lb spool through it now and just prefers to feed wire inside of box where it would feed into the liner after drive roll. Ive pulled liner has no crushes or pinches in it like i use to see in weld shop. Ive changed tip, it wasnt needed but at a $1 wasnt crying, removed mild burr on drive roll i found, different tensions and different torch positions all lead right back around to do it again. Sometimes right after just rewiring it other times for good while.
    Anybody have this problem in past? I would hate to take it down to the weld guy to have repaired for something im overlooking.

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    So you are saying you are getting birdsnesting inside the welder? So did you change the drive roll when going to flux core?...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Not really sure what the problem is, it's just not explained completely. Please advise what diameter wire you were running when it was operating fine and what diameter wire you are attempting to run now. Take the mig gun completely loose from the machine. If the wire feeds fine, you either have some sort of obstruction or the liner is too small or damaged. Or maybe just misaligned in the mount.