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Is it the man or the machine?

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    Originally posted by Old Guy View Post
    I have four 1/4" steel plates. Once welded, these will be used to hold you over a pit of 1800 degree LAVA.

    I will give two of the plates to a man with a Harbor Freight welder who has 30 years experience in welding.
    I will give the other two plates to a guy with very little experience but he gets a Miller 215.

    Once they are both done welding you have to choose which plate will hold you over the lava.

    Which plate will you choose?

    Whats more important in welding, the man or the machine?
    And for the math guys, what percentage would you say is man / machine?
    I'll go with your first question beings it's my *** over the lava........I would pick the one that looked the best to me.
    I seen guys with 30+ years that simply flat sucked. I've seen newbies do better than I could believe.
    I have my opinions on the next two questions but never would I be dumb enough to risk my *** on them
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      You guys are too funny.... Thanks for the laughs!!