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  • Help with Dynasty 300DX

    Hi, I currently own a Syncrowave 250DX and just recently (2 hours ago) took delivery of a Dynasty 300DX. I hard-wired it per the manual and sat down to begin welding, pushed the pedal, and after a countdown on the display I received the following error message:

    HELP 1

    The welder will not arc and appears to be DOA. Anyone have any suggestions?


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    I am going to suggest the possiblity of a wiring issue. Is the machine on single or three phase? The book is showing an over current condition in the IGBT. Check the outlet with a circuit tester. Please post what color is wired to what voltage, it maybe the issue.

    Hope this helps,

    Email me and I'll call you back, if that will help


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      What tungsten are you using?


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        Tungsten is 2% ceriated (not sure why it would matter). I wired it three phase and single phase with no luck (same message). Single, I have red left out, green to ground, and white and black to legs 1 and 2 at 210 volts. BTW, it is wired to the same circuit that my 250DX is wired to and the 250 runs fine.


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          Sorry to say call tech support on monday, it has a problem! Probably a bad IGBT, not really common but I've heard of a couple with trouble IGBT's and mine was one. Tech support will get you straight.

          Sorry for being the bearer of bad news,


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            Please see attached PDF for help codes and required actions. I've also attached this aa jpeg which requires better eyes, but may be easier to open.
            Attached Files


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              Thank you for your input. I do have the manual and I am familiar with the help codes but I guess I was thinking that there might be a reset or something that I could try to avoid the hassle of taking it back for repair before I even have a chance to use it.


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                Return the machine to default settings and retry. However, if the power IGBT is failing I doubt this will help. Also double check that you have 208VAC+ input power to the unit.


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                  Just wanted to update the group on my 300dx problem and thank everyone for their input.

                  I contacted Miller on Monday and was instructed to take the machine to their local repair facility. The guys there looked at the machine and determined that the IGBT was bad and contacted the local Miller rep. About 30 minutes later the Miller rep contacted me directly and told me he would have a new machine sent overnight to me and deliver it personally. The next day the Miller rep called to say he had the machine and was on his way. When the machine arrived we wired it up and turned it on. After determining that all was well with the new machine, the Miller rep then provided instruction on the various features, offered numerous tips, all of which was followed by over an hour of hands on instruction demonstrating all aspects of this incredible machine. I must say I was very impressed.

                  Please keep in mind that I do not make my living welding and do so only for personal enjoyment, never the less the Miller rep treated me as though I was his best customer. Aside from the fact that Miller makes excellent equipment, I now have one more reason for continuing to support the Miller brand when ever I am presented with the opportunity.

                  Thanks again,



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                    Sweet, Blue forever.


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                      Congrats on the new, new 300DX. Glad everything went well.

                      Why don't you post the name of that Miller rep and let him be recognized as the kind of quality rep we all would like to deal with. Couldn't hurt his standing at Miller either.

                      That's an awesome toy you got there. I know you will enjoy it.



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                        The Miller rep was Don Peterson, a certified welder and welding instructor at a local community college.

                        Now I have my eye on a plasma cutter; Miller of course


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                          I am oh so glad it is past, congrats on the machine. Keep in touch.