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Miller Bobcat 225 will arc but not weld

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  • Miller Bobcat 225 will arc but not weld

    I have a Miller Bobcat 225 that just quit welding. it will arc but not enough to burn a rod. The outlet plugs have power but it doesn't seem to be very strong. Any ideas? Thank you!!

    Leads are all connected well.
    We were welding fence cutting the welder off to cut some pipe and started it back up and then it wouldn't weld. welder has 260hrs
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    I don't have any answers but usually the tech guys aks for serial number.
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      Welcome, wbullet.
      Definitely need your serial number. Is the machine virtually new with such low hours or has it been sitting around? Still under warranty? I'm no expert, but the first things that come to mind are engine RPM incorrect, or brushes not making good contact on the slip rings. Unlikely if the machine is nearly new but would be good to check RPM by measuring frequency at the AC outlet (about 62.5 Hz no load) and looking at the brushes to make sure they move very freely in their holders and slip rings look nice and clean.


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        320 grit sand paper works well
        to clean the slip rings .Make sure not to use emery cloth it can get embedded in the slip rings and ruin the brushes .