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Very excited for my new toy Miller 211

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  • Very excited for my new toy Miller 211

    Isn't it beautiful!? Ordered from Cyberweld. I didn't experience the super quick shipping everyone talked about but package arrived in good condition. Opened it up and started unpacking after it sat in the garage about 5 days. Everything looks great except the mig gun liner spring end was a bit bent. Can't wait to try it out tomorrow.

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    Good call, you'll love it. As I mentioned previously I have the M100 gun from mine available, as well as a 0.045" liner.
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      I have the old transformer 211. Can't imagine what they could do to make it better-just a great machine. But, they say the new inverter is better, so I'll definitely add a second "you're gonna love it" to Oscar's post.


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        Is the liner just bend or is it cracked ?
        Call your local welding supplier or Miller & tell them to send you a New Liner, I would. ( It'll be Free )



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          I will contact miller tomorrow.


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            Cyberweld is an awesome outfit to deal with. They also have amazing prices. I have the multimatic 215 and i absolutely love it. I think you will be very happy with it.