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  • What kind of Connector is this

    Hello all, I'm a newbie. Just bought an old Stick welder, and hope to be up and running in a week or so. Just to do stuff around the house, and fun projects etc. Have had a bunch of experience with all different kinds of welding when I was just getting back into it.

    On the old welder that I bought, it has two female connectors (no leads, or male connectors), and I don't know what kind they are. Wondering if I should just start with new connectors, or try to get the corresponding male half. These look pretty solid, and in great shape. I'm hoping someone can point me one right direction with what type of connectors these are. Thanks in advance. Go!

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    I guess I'm old fashion since I just use the permanent lug connections on my welder.
    But I've seen a lot of people using the Tweco and Dinse connections like this:



    They have other general connection stuff here at the bottom of the page:


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      Thanks, but from all digging I've done, it's neither of them. Hoping to get an exact match.


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        You got me, I'm stumped. It looks kind of like a taper plug, but it has that weird locking type tab "thingy" that doesn't belong there. If you want to get it working in a week, just cut them off, and get a few sets of Lenco, Dinse or Tweco, etc.
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          Yes, with the lack of response here, it appears that no one knows what this connector is. I think I'll just have to take them off, and put new connectors on. I'm sure there is a thread here about connectors somewhere, but just quickly, do you have a preference? Lenco, Dinse, Tweco, or the Lincoln Electric? Which is most popular?


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            Did you take it apart to see if there is a manufacturer's name anywhere on the bakelite or the brass? There should be a screw that when removed will allow the sleeve to slide off. I have some with the same outer sleeve but they don't look like the interior of yours. You might be happier in the long run if you standardize your connectors anyway.


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              Take those apart and remove them. Set them back, together somewhere. Meanwhile pick up a nice set of something current and install those.
              You may run across the other style someday.....(or the day after you toss them)
              I try to keep mine all the same. That has proven to be a challenge at times tho.

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