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Dynasty 300 DX GRRRR!!! HELP! (Petal (any remote connection locks up machine)

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  • Dynasty 300 DX GRRRR!!! HELP! (Petal (any remote connection locks up machine)

    Bought a used 300 DX about 2 hours from home and was able to test everything on pick up except use with a petal or any sort of trigger. (It was cash plus trade so seller told me to keep my petal and he didn't have one at the time) (My main use will be AC TIG) So I very much need heat control and wouldn't expect anyone to consider a TIG machine functional without remote control-ability, yet at some point in the previous ownership of the machine the fact that the trigger doesn't work was omitted. I don't believe that the guy I bought it from knew it though, he's an equipment slinger and never used it other than a few simple tests and is trying to help me figure it out.

    So as soon as I plug in a petal or hand control - no matter what memory slot I'm on or what settings are configured; whether after resets and after every possible configuration variation (even power up settings)- the machine auto selects memory slot 2 as soon as the remote is detected and cannot be changed, when change is attempted HELP12 comes up. ALSO while on memory slot 2 there is no remote functionality, petal doesn't throw the gas valve, no other relays click, no changes on display, no attempt to arc, no nothing. NO ERROR message on petal press either. (keep in mind I've tested hand control also and my petal which worked fine two weeks ago on my 200)

    To be clear it has power and can be used in scratch/ lift start with constant power (remote bypass) setting on which does me little good, that's not what I submitted my fully functioning Dynasty 200 and $3900 for.

    Miller told me to short out pin A to pin B on the remote plug as an easy test to fully eliminate an issue with my remote equipment. This too activated nothing.

    He told me it was likely PC2 "interface" board.... I don't even know where to get that, miller I guess, anyone seen this before? have any other ideas? Know a price for that board and/or where to get it?

    THANKS a ton in advance.


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    Drew welcome to the board, miller4less or cyberweld should have that board keep us posted .D


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      So "The Welder Dude" I bought the Dynasty 300 DX from, Tom Domenico, in Riverside California offered to give me all of my money back for the unit. So that's exactly what I did and am just gonna revert back to my rule of not buying used stuff. Throwing down on the Dynasty 400 and opting out of potential future headaches. Got it on, free shipping to San Diego, CA and no sales tax! $9200 with wireless foot pedal. Stoked. Anyways if you're in the SoCal area and looking for used welders and equipment, this guy is operating very ethically and is genuine and honest. Tom Domenico in Riverside, he advertises on craigslist.


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        Also it's due to arrive inside of 5 days from Illinois. Just FYI for anyone in the market for a new Dynasty.


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          Wise choice to return the 300DX. If you search that machine here, you will find several issues with it. Very early in the Dynasty series; apparently still had some design bugs to work out. The 400 should be fantastic!