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Syncrowave 180 SD gas flow / solenoid / switching problem.

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  • Syncrowave 180 SD gas flow / solenoid / switching problem.

    Hello everyone:

    I just bought a used Syncrowave 180SD (Stock # 907055, Serial # LC660833), which has a problem with the gas flow system. The previous owner described the problem to me, and he has installed a temporary "fix" which involves a separate switch. The machine is perfectly usable, but has this inconvenient problem.

    What he told me is that the gas flow solenoid is getting 24V (control voltage) all the time. He thinks it "might" be a board issue, but isn't sure. His work-around solution is/was to install a toggle switch inline between the 24V source, and the gas solenoid itself. To weld, a user has to turn on the switch, then start welding, then remember to turn off the switch when welding is complete.

    Searching the forum, I did find one other thread with something that might be a similar issue, which was traced to a timer on the post-flow circuit of a larger Syncrowave machine.

    Has anyone experienced this issue, and if so, do you have any recommended fixes?

    Thank you,

    Steve M.