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Dynasty 200dx up in smoke

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  • Dynasty 200dx up in smoke

    So I have a dynasty 200dx I bought new in 2009-2010ish. The machine has mostly sat around as I used my other machine for most everything. There is no more than 15 hours total on this thing. So the other night we were using it to TIG up some spindles for a truck, and it popped (sounded like a large buss fuse going) and quit working. No display, just a faint buzzing noise like a transformer buzz. It happened just as my buddy accidentally touched the tungsten to the material.
    So I opened it up to look around and see if I could spot anything burnt. The main boards on top looked good, but found the inverter board fried!
    Anyone had this happen? Should I be looking at something else maybe causing this issue? Or get another board and cross my fingers?

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    Well I'm sure someone is going to ask for the machine serial number next...

    Just curious... was that board just pressed onto or screwed down onto the white looking module in the 2nd pic? Basically making electrical contact from the pressure of the board mounted onto the module? Or did you have to do some de-soldering to separate the board?

    The reason I ask is that reminds me of the Semikron IGBT modules that have their driver boards electrically connected using spring pressure. Was just wondering if this might have been one.


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      Machine serial number is LK260254L

      The white piece is number 8 in this diagram. it has an upper piece that sandwiched the power board and bolts thru the white one to the heatsink underneath.


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        Interesting... I would call Miller on that one and see what they say. Sounds like a short....................
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          The power module is the easy find as a bad part. The real question is, what else got damaged ?
          problem is in order to get a warranty on the new parts, they have to be installed by a authorized miller shop. I would plan on at least replacing the module and the mother (power ) pcb. A complete prepower test will need to be done on the other pcbs. There is a good chance the boost control pcb is also damaged.
          get miller to suggest a shop close to you that is known to work on maxstars.
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            I would bail out now while your ahead.


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              Originally posted by ShieldArc View Post
              I would bail out now while your ahead.
              All things considered......I could see you saying that!!

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                Originally posted by FusionKing View Post

                All things considered......I could see you saying that!!
                lol, yeap right on cue!
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