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Mig, tig, stick uphill.

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  • Mig, tig, stick uphill.

    So I can weld in the flat position using mig, tig and stick. I am trying to find information and further my skills and learn uphill for all processes. Any tips or information where I can read up on this? I have found some information on mig and stick but not much on tig. Do I need to run less hot then I would running flat? Are there any starting points for uphill? Thanks I hope you can lead me in the right direction!
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    check out

    Lots of videos on welding Mig, tig, and stick.


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      Up hill separates the men from the boys.
      Usualy, you use slightly less heat. As you progress up, your work piece gets hotter.
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        I don't know if this help you but it helped me. I practiced uphill with a stick till i thought i would go crazy at welding school. I have a mm211 at home and mig mild steel and my control is 100% better using the gun uphill. I like to keep the heat the same as flat and increase my hand speed and increase the width of my weave. I don't know what gauge metal your welding but i like to make a small bevel for a deeper weld. I don't know how you finish your weld but when i get to end i lift the rod let puddle cool slightly then jam the stick back down. I have run less then a 100 lbs of wire so consider the source.
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          Watch someone who is a good vertical up welder is a good start.
          Use the correct amps and rod angle.
          Get a copy of one the Lincoln books such as Ärc Welding Lessons for School and Farm Shop".