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  • Old Miller..

    Hey folks. Looking for some info on a machine I'm doing some trading for tomorrow.

    It's a Miller DEL-200.. don't know (can't find) much about it other than it's a Deutz diesel engine, and judging by the serial number, she's an '84 model..

    Anyone know anything about these? Thanks!

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    Welcome to the forum ! Pretty sure it's the same as a aead 200 le but a diesel instead of a 2 cyclinder onan .
    You can down load a manual for it from miller on this site scroll down and it's under Del looks like that machine is in good shape . If you have any issues let us know lots of great folks in here .


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      Thanks! Got the manual printed out.

      Machine runs great. And the generator/power supply works fine, BUT...

      Won't arc. Tried AC and DC. I do get sparking when trying to strike an arc, but will not actually arc.. after some general looking over the wires inside, I've noticed that the wiring for the capacitors (part# 031 689) on the rectifier closest to the front is broken and/or not attached...

      Could this be my issue, or would I most likely be looking for something else?
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        Does it idle up to 3,000 rpm weld speed when you try to strike a arc ?
        Also make sure your slip rings are clean and brushes are in spec no less then a 1/4 inch check for cracks in the brush make sure they move freely .320 sandpaper or finer to clean your slip rings 1800 rpm should be your generating speed on your dual ac power receptacle .
        It needs 3,000 rpm for excitation in order to weld if it doesn't idle up check and clean the terminals on your pc1 Idle control board .
        Also check the terminals on the idle solenoid on the engine make sure there clean .
        The capcitor wire should be fixed I have a similar machine were the wire corroded right at the heatsink at the rivet to ground .
        i tried posting your manual having trouble with the site on my end .


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          DEL-200 Manual

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            Thank you sir for posting


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              Thank ya sir! I did manage to find the manaul earlier and get it printed out.

              Mine idles up to 3000 when I flip my switch from "power" to "weld". Even with the auto idle switch on it stays at 3000. Doesn't drop back to the 1800 rpm unless I flip the switch back to "power".

              I understand how to weld, but have never had to repair a welder so I've be researching what each part inside the machine does.. I feel like I've got enough mechanical/electrical knowledge that if i can pinpoint the problem, I can fix it. But I wasn't sure where to start, so I figured someone on here would probably know.


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                Did you check the brushes and clean the slip rings ?
                Also check under the resister tap bands in the photo for rust and clean those as well ,is there a tach on your machine to confirm 3,000 rpm ?


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                  Didn't have a chance to check the brushes or rings.. brushes are supposed to be less than 6 months old, but the machine was supposed to weld with no issues also.

                  Unfortunately there's no tach on it. I plan to install a tach, temp and oil psi gauge (if possible) once I get it welding and mount it on the truck.

                  But I'll check the list of possibles we've talked about this evening if I get a chance and see what happens


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                    You may have seen other posts here mentioning the Kill-a-Watt meter you can buy at most big box stores. To set engine RPM, Just plug it into the AC outlet and adjust speed for the correct frequency. Guidance fron Cruizer here has been to adjust for 62.5 hz on the smaller welders like this one; I don't know if yours would be different being diesel, but that should be close. Please post your serial number.


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                      And you should have 100hz from the single outlet to the far right on your panel at weld speed 3,000 rpm. With auto idle off and in weld mode .


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                        JE810869 is the serial number on the machine. Still haven't had a chance to check/clean brushes and all.

                        ​​​Hopefully while I'm at the fire station tomorrow I'll have enough time to check it out.


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                          Must be a slow house....dadgum firemen.


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                            Haha, just depends what day it is


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                              Alright, update.

                              Cleaned the brushes, slip rings and cleared the tap bands on the resistor of all rust. But, no dice. Still only getting spark, no arc.