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Millermatic 135 problem.

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  • Millermatic 135 problem.

    Why am I forced to run my Millermatic135 @90 Wire speed and Voltage @ 4 when using .35 flux core wire when trying to weld 3/16 steel to get the best weld?? When I set the machine to 10/45 (the recommended settings) the wire stubbs up badly and acts like its coming out way to fast and not enough amps to melt the wire to keep a study weld going, I have the polarity set correctly. Any ideas on how to fix what is going wrong would be HIGHLY APPRECIATED !

    Thank you to anyone for your time.

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    The settings on the door of the machine are just a ballpark number. You'll need to adjust them from there. If I'm not mistaken, that machine is 115v? If that's the case, I would drop down to .030 wire.