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Millermatic 200 wire motor gearbox help, (Attn. duane55)

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  • Millermatic 200 wire motor gearbox help, (Attn. duane55)

    Hey guys I recently picked up a second MM 200, on kijii for 100$ that works OK but was quite beat up. So I've started the process of taking it apart, sandblasting, repainting and cleaning the insides. I took the wire drive housing out and proceeded to start cleaning it up and was taking some bolts out of what I thought was attaching the motor to the housing when it was really the bolts that keep the motor to the gearbox, next thing I know the motor is my in my hand and the rest of the housing is on the floor with the gearbox. In the process 2 gears 2 bushings and what looks to be like 5 shimming washers are on the floor too! Put it all back together and cleaned it up, but I'm not sure where these shimming washers go, I've looked at the manual online and there is no exploded view for the gearbox but there is for the rest of the housing. Anybody knows exactly where these shimming washers go? Or has a link to an exploded view of the gearbox?

    Thanks very much and advance for your help.

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    I should add, the serial number starts with KA7. So looks to have been made around Jan 1990.


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      The gearbox is part of the Bodine motor that Miller spec'd and I don't have an exploded view of them either or see same on their website.

      It would be a bit of a pain but you could pull the other unit apart (CAREFULLY ) to identify their proper location.
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