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melting TIG electrode

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  • melting TIG electrode

    Hi all, I had the OP on the melting TIG electrode...I had accidently created my account with my full real name and I had to have it withdrawn and changed. Losing the OP in the process.:

    So in summary, change balance to 75%
    Use the blue electrode, 3/32"
    more like 70 amps IIRC
    Be prepared to move the bead quickly
    use 15-17 CFH
    reduce pre-flow to a second or less

    It's a 26 air cooled torch.

    Thanks for your patience and help

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    So what's the question?


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      yes, use the 2% Lanthanated. You might need more amperage. It all depends. You need a puddle in 3 seconds or less. Otherwise you likely aren't using enough heat.
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