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Running a XMT350 on 230, single phase

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  • Running a XMT350 on 230, single phase

    I am finally able to get a new (to me) welder and found a deal on a XMT 350. As I have researched them there were a couple of warnings about running them on 230v, single phase power. I know it's rated for it, but the warnings were regarding literally screwing the machine up and/or having horrible weld characteristics. I haven't found anything to substantiate that claim. Can anyone here confirm/validate that you'll harm the machine or that it will have lousy weld characteristics. I'll be getting a wire feeder for it, possibly some stick and eventually tig. My original plan was for a MM252, but the XMT seems to be more versatile.



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    Give a call to Miller and talk with their techs. Very helpful guys and very straight in my experience.


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      Who warned against running them on 230V single phase? I've run XMT456's on 230V 1-phase and they just draw considerably more amperage than on 3-phase and my shop service just won't support the 456's full 600A capacity.

      Miller rates the XMT350 for full output operation on 3-phase and 1-phase so it isn't an issue. It'll just draw more amps on 1-phase. 54.6A-vs.-36.lA.

      The inverter design eliminates the usual concerns of weld characteristics of 3-phase verses 1-phase.
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        Thanks for the replies. I understand the higher amp draw, but it's good to hear that's the only side effect. The only other info I could find was was on non-welding forums, but by folks who claimed to know something. That's why I came here to search and get answers.


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          I run mine on single phase, no issues at all. I have 3 phase power but use 60 amp single phase plugs in shop due to other machines I use that are wired for 220 single to run of generators when needed.
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            Just do it


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              Originally posted by Slaptheebass View Post
              Just do it
              I'll bite. What are your qualifications for bumping a 3-yr old thread with your first post to take your word for it?