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  • Miller trailblazer 252

    I have a year 2000 trailblazer 252 with 130 hours on it. It ran great till about 100 hours then it started sputtering and back firing almost to the point of the motor dieing while under load. I then unplugged all connections spool gun ground optima box and fired it back up and it ran fine until I turned the switch from panel to remote them it instantly went under load with nothing hooked up and spuddering and backfiring. I changed fuel filters and oil still same thing let it sit for a few days then it would run for a few hours fine then do the same thing. So I shipped it back from Alaska to Washington state and had central welding repair shop go through it they found nothing wrong with it. I used it for about 20 hours after that ran smooth now it's doing the same thing does anyone have any thoughts that might narrow it down for me?

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    I seem to remember something about the vent in the fuel cap getting plugged up on some of the engine drives. Frost or dirt maybe.


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