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Please help board issues Miller spectrum 300 plasma cutter

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  • emptech
    Well, don't keep us hanging, what parts blew, your photos come in very small, kind of difficult to see. When you replaced the parts did that fix the problem? Jim

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  • tallpaul
    After some digging I found a few parts to replace the obviously burnt up ones... I shall see in a week or so after the parts arrive. I am crossing my fingers! AS much as I would like a newer/smaller and more capable unit the cost of new is not really justified if I can fix this reasonable.

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  • Please help board issues Miller spectrum 300 plasma cutter

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]n578661[/ATTACH] Well I have an issue with not one BUT 2 spectrum 300's. Both are dead and I think the same poieces are dead on each. One was a friends unit that I borrowed for a week 25 or so years back and liked so much I bought my own. His died last year and mine juts recently. I have heard of relatively cheap repairs on these and I have heard ya need a whole new board- which I find hard to swallow. I see two pieces minimum on each unit that need replaced. There are two bigger heat sinks on each main board and two electronic pieces are blown on the right hand heat sink as pictured...

    I wonder what caused the issues on two seperate machines at approximately the same age?

    Do any of you guys have names- descriptions of the parts and a source I have a call into miller but have not heard back yet

    here are the pictures
    Any help would be appreciated- I can not believe these can not be fixed reasonable when most of the cheap chinese ones are youtube fixable!
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