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Question about diversion 180

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  • Question about diversion 180

    Hello, over the weekend I was welding with my diversion 180 tig. I was welding .095 to .120 steel.
    I had the machine set at about 125amps.

    but I had to move real slow and and really try to get the filler to puddle. After the weld was done, I would look at the machine at it would say 50ish amps, then jump back up to 125a

    eventually over time, it would drop as low as 30a and be really hard for a puddle to form.

    after everything was said and done the welds looked ok, and the pieces stayed together fine.

    is this normal for the machine to do this?
    Iam a self tough hobby welder, and have always used larger machines then this in the past and have never noticed this problem before, although this is the only machine I have used that has a digital display.

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    On the inside of the machine is one inch nuts that hold the terminals on. There is a wire going to one of these terminals. If those nuts are not tight it can cause this issue. If not it is most likely a board and a spendy repair