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M250? Wire feed issue

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  • M250? Wire feed issue

    hi guys. I have an air liquide m250 that I got from my dad. I am going to use this as a flux core machine only. Anyone know if there reliable and how they perform? I also noticed when I press the trigger there's about .3 second delay before wire starts to feed, any ideas??

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    Some of the larger machines have a preflow setting that gives a burst of shielding gas before starting the wire and arc. Perhaps your machine is set for that. It might be adjustable.

    Is the machine actually badged Air Liquide or is that where he bought it? Many brands will have a "250" model, and an Air Liquide dealer may sell different ones. If it has their badge, they probably had someone make it for them, although they do also have a SAF-Flo brand of which I know nothing about. Do you have a picture of the machine, especially any controls it has?


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