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  • Miller Xmt help 1 code

    I got the machine used about 4 years ago and have never had an issue. Friday I was welding with it and I walked away from the machine for about 15 minutes with it on and I came back and it said help 1. I did not try to weld with it I turned it off and then turned it back on and it hasn't come back since. I have burn probably 50 1/8" rods with it since and it welded beautifully. This is my only electric stick welder so I am not really trying to have it just totally die on me. I opened the case up and noticed some oil on the capacitor. I read that some oil is normal but I don't know how much is some and what is normal? My dad is an electronic tech so he said he would stop by tomorrow and help me look it over. I have never really noticed the voltage reading till now I don't remember it staying on when I wasn't welding? Any advice
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    In the manual, what does the help 1 error reference for you to check?
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