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Quick question about fillet welds

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  • Quick question about fillet welds


    I haven't been able to find information about maximum throat size on fillet welds. I know that maximum throat size should be the half of the minimum thickness amongst plates. We currently welding a beam and throat tickness is defined as 9 mm in working drawing yet the minimum thickness of the plate is 12 mm which max throat should be 6 mm. So what is the maximum throat tickness on multipass fillet welds?

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    More information is needed

    are you welding to a code?

    "welding a beam" can you tell us what this part/fabrication is? a bridge, a building or a catwalk? or...?

    what about your customer, can they answer this?
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      Your weld detail calls for 9mm weld on this joint. thats what you need to put on it.
      For myself, 3 average size passes with a 1/8 7018 rod gets me 8mm. You need 9mm, judge and weld accordingly.
      Multi pass fillet welds can be done any size, you just need what your weld detail calls for. Going a little over is ok, going under the weld detail spec is not ok.
      For Your weld detail, 3 passes with 5/32 7018 would suffice.
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