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  • gift help needed?

    Hello, Miller Welds forum!

    As you can see from the title, I am needing a little help buying a gift for a beginner welder. My little brother has just started college to study welding. He has worked hard to get into the college and I want to help him get some tools of his own to start him off. The problem is, I don't know where to start myself and I want this to be a surprise for him. If you guys were going in to learn from the beginning again what tools/protective clothing would you be wanting to take with you? I have done a little search on a site I normally use and there are a few good items like protective gloves, gas welders etc. But I'm sure you guys know some professional stores?

    I had a friend that went to welding college, and he would come back with dried skin all over his face looking like something out of a horror movie haha. What is this? and how is it preventable so I can let my brother know up front haha. apart from these things, if you guys have any other ideas that would benefit him then just let me know! I am open to all ideas

    As far as I know at the moment he is studying with electric Mig welders (if that's correct) But I'm not sure if he will move onto other welders in the future or just stay with the electric, thought this might help. If there is any other information you guys need, please let me know and I will add the information on asap. Looking forward to some replies!

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    How much are you willing to spend?


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      Are you looking to buy basic safety equipment and hand tools, or buy a welding machine? The latter is usually best left up to the weldor himself to make sure he gets one that suits his needs and of the quality he's going to want to use for such a long investment.

      You can buy many safety items right here on the Miller website. I'm a big fan of Miller's line of gloves and welding hoods, and use them exclusively:
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        Mig welding pliers would be helpful. These are both great.


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          How about a gift card, he can buy items his school recommends he have for the course.


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            Some great suggestions above guys thanks!
            I will stay away from the actual welder itself if it's better for my brother to pick that one that he wants. Safety equipment is always a brilliant idea and you can never have enough! I will check out the links above to see what there is in the welding safety world. Also, the gift card is always a good idea! then as you said, he can buy what he needs when he needs it...

            I will be back soon
            Thanks for the replies guys


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              If I was in your place I think the best gift would be a Miller or Lincoln self darkening helmet.
              That is something he will need every time he strikes an arc.. Plan to spend $200 to $300 for a nice helmet.
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                Originally posted by piniongear View Post
                If I was in your place I think the best gift would be a Miller or Lincoln self darkening helmet.
                That is something he will need every time he strikes an arc.. Plan to spend $200 to $300 for a nice helmet.
                I love the self darkening helmet idea!! I will do a little extra research on that!! and as you said he will always need it


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                  Let me tell you , as a hardcore, Ryan-hated helmet fanatic. The new T94 helmet looks phenomenal.

                  I spent $400 on my Titanium 9400I, and just got a custom paint job on it that I still need to post pictures of.....

                  But its worth it, if you got the money for it, getting him a top of the line helmet, especially a Titanium or T94 with a built in grind shield will make him the baddest kid in class.

                  Much better protection and the 180* grind shield makes the world of difference when your fabbing. Apparently the T94 has similar lens tech as Lincoln's C4 lens which gives you colours instead of a green tint. Not that it matters too much, but its cool.

                  Otherwise, Gloves are always good, the Extra Heavy Duty, Explosion proof, nuclear war zone proof, extra padding for comfort miller Stick/MIG gloves are awesome, they are long and allow you to get in the "welding stance" where your arm is close to the piece your welding so you can rest your Miggin' or Stickin' hand on it. For TIG, the Classic series are great.

                  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I think that sums it up.

                  The first things I bought when I got started was the WeldX cape sleeves (a welding jacket) a helmet and I think that was it, then slowly just built it up from there but the helmet, can't put enough stress on it.... bought a bunch of spares for the helmet thinking I would wreck it, I still have all of them.

                  Can't stress helmet enough, a good quality one will make a big difference for him, feeling safe when your working with this stuff is rare, so the closer you get to safe with good quality products, the better off you are.

                  Let us know what you figure out .
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