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Bobcat Blown engine

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  • Bobcat Blown engine

    I have access to a Bobcat approx.1999 year did not get the SN, but looking to replace engine with a suitable replacement if feasible. Would appreciate feedback on this before I purchase. Will get SN when I return home next week.

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    Any pics and how many hours ?I wouldn't spend a lot on it just to give ya a idea on price friend of mine bought a 2009 bobcat 250
    with a blown kohler for 500 about 900 hrs cost about 300$ for his to fix the motor .
    Don't give up on the aead 200 le yet


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      This one has an Onan, not sure of hours will check when return home next week but I know in excess of 1000 hrs. Just looking possible backup for the aead 200le if can get it going. May consider selling both once running and invest in a Trailblazer.