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Another question about my Bluestar 6000

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  • Another question about my Bluestar 6000

    Forgive me if this has been covered, but Any reason why it wouldn't be wise to run my Miller 211 on either 120 or 240 using my 1998 Bluestar 6000? It's the older transformer based 211... I figure it should be fine as long as I rig the proper 240 pigtail, just would hate to fry my 211 due to my ignorance. Thanks in advance

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    Before I plugged by Dynasty into my trailblazer I called Miller and asked. No problem at all; works great. Probably a good thing to just give a call and verify.


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      Yeah, I will either call or shoot them an email. In no hurry to try it, MIG pretty much stays in the garage anyway. Just figured someone on here might be running a similar setup.


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        You need to determine 2 things. The output capabilities of the blue star 6000 generator and the input power requirements of your 211.
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          Emailed Miller. They said it will run fine, no problem. Thanks everyone