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TB 302 Muffler Reloaction.

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  • TB 302 Muffler Reloaction.

    I have a 2012 TB 302 with the Kohler gas motor. The design places the muffler can a few inches off the back of the engine, inside the welder housing.

    Obviously, since the engine is air cooled, the extreme heat coming off muffler adds to the heat buildup under the hood.

    Im thinking about extending the two pipes from manifold to muffler so the muffler can may be located outside the welder cover.

    I believe this would cut the ambient temperature "under the hood" substantially.

    Does anyone have a reason I shouldn't do this? I know during the summer, after 6 hours of high speed operation, the inside temp is extreme. The muffler seems to be the main source of needless extra heat.


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      Since your warranty is likely expired, I don't see why you can't experiment with that. You can fab something up and send it out to get it ceramic coated inside-and-out to keep the heat under extreme control.
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        Could wrap it with fiberglass or carbon fiber header wrap.
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          If you were in cold climate using the machine it could be of some benefit to have the heat.
          You should check the actual operating temp maybe to see if there is cause for concern.
          The machine was designed to fit within the confines they give dimensions for, and be safe. You would be altering that somewhat. You would now have a muffler that would be exposed to anything that could touch it.
          When running, the engine fan is cooling the entire unit including the entire exhaust system. It has the muffler positioned so that rain and moisture would be a lower factor regarding muffler life.
          One of the selling points is how quite the unit is when running. The engine and muffler are designed to be inside the cover to keep all the little sounds that an engine makes all confined to that area.
          I don't doubt that with an external muffler, it would become a cooler running machine operating in the summer time. But by the time you figure all your time and effort, and possibly having to tweek your design some, I doubt it is worth it. Not when you throw in the extra noise and cost.
          Put your money into better oil and more frequent changes. Keep the machine clear from being too close to other things and debris.
          Kohler uses those engines in desert conditions all over the world running in generators 24/7. The only way you could mess it up is close off the airflow by not following the proper recommended clearance distances around the machine or running it inside of a confined space with the airflow cut off.
          This is a multi-generational design that took decades to perfect. Improvement would be minimal IMO.
          All things considered, your money (and effort) would be better spent elsewhere.

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            Thank you "fabricator" and "FusionKing". The fiberglass wrap is a great idea. It hadn't occurred to me to be honest. That would certainly contain a lot of the heat and force more to go out the exhaust pipe rather than radiate into engine compartment.

            The points made made about the substantial time and effort to relocate the muffler outside are valid also. It would take some doing to line it all up and make it look good. The desert point was a good one.

            All things considered I think I'll wrap the can and keep using the good oil.

            Thanks everyone!!