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    Originally posted by Aeronca41 View Post
    Maybe Tigwoof will just add that chart to the manual!
    Then again, this could be one of those production tolerances thing where the issue lies in the individual machine and not the remote amperage controller.
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      I know this is an old thread and some folks may not appreciate old threads being brought to the top.

      However, I felt very strongly that the TIG Button should be reemphasized for those not familiar with the product.

      I am 77 years old and balancing on one foot and trying to control the foot pedal is just about impossible. I have tried the thumb controls and hate them. I first saw a prototype of this product in our local welding shop a few years ago and fell in love with the concept (easy finger tip control of the amperage). I finally bit the bullet and bought one about a year ago for my Miller Synchrowave 180. It has been an amazing help with my TIG welding.

      When I first started using the TIG Button, I ran into a problem of being “bit” by some stray current when I activated the button. I contacted Dave Vogel and he walked me through the issue. Turned out that Miller sets up some of their welders for a very high high frequency start amperage and somehow that is conducted to the TIG button. The solution was to set the points gap to a minimum. I bring this up to emphasize that Dave was a most helpful vendor.

      Fast forward to this week . To my horror, the TIG Button failed to work and I had to resort to a foot pedal. I contacted Dave and he replied immediately asking me to call him. Over the phone, he quickly walked me though a troubleshooting process and we determined that the flexing in the lead to the torch had loosened the connection. Simple fix and another great support effort by Dave.

      Dave's website is a bit sparse right now - he is rebuilding it. Here is the link:



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        Thanks for the review, Jim.