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Bobcat 250 blowing f1 fuse

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    Huh, what a catchy name they have for their app.


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      So I thought my troubles were over cause unit is running well. But now when I switch to low idle the darn thing doesn't idle down. It was working before but I would have to switch it back and forth to idle twice then it would idle down. Had a spare key switch and out it in, not the proble. Traced wiring from key switch to hour meter read out, then back to the solenoid near the carb. Solenoid has high resistance at 30ohms, but I'm also not getting any voltage to the solenoid when switched to idle. Does the hour meter control that? And is it looking for another input before it allows voltage to the solenoid? I also put 12 volts to the solenoid from the battery just to see if it would pull in, won't even move the linkage. But I want to make sure I can get voltage at solenoid before I replace it. Anyone got anything?


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        Hour meter has nothing to do with the auto idler.

        Is the "solenoid near the carb" on the carb or attached to the liinkage?

        Power to the idler solenoid comes from terminal "C" on the idler module and not the ignition switch.

        Power to the hour meter comes initially from the START signal and then thru the oil pressure switch from the RUN circuit.
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          Solenoid is attached to the linkage.


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            You might check for a voltage drop on the oil pressure switch... my 225nt did this very thing and I learned that I was only getting 9vdc from the oil pressure switch. Replaced the switch and she started idling again! Good luck!


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              Ok I will check that thanks.