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    I have a older Hobart Beta Mig II , that I need parts for. My welding supplier said the parts are no longer available, any other options ? The welder works great, would hate to replace it because of a plastic drive roller piecs. Thank you.

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    Maybe make something with a 3D printer?
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      If the old ones are still intact, you can make a mould and create new parts from either plastic or metal. Depending on the complexity of the part of course.


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        Originally posted by FusionKing View Post
        Maybe make something with a 3D printer?
        That's what I was thinking. I've had a buddy with one make gears for me that have saved clients hundreds of dollars.


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          I suppose there's some fancy software that lets you scan an image of the old part to create a new one....way beyond me, that's for sure.


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            My guess is that the software for printers would make it easy to input dimensions and just pop out a gear. I think that is a pretty common thing for 3D printers these days. Just guessing, though. I have three gears on my desk right now for a client's RV power-retract power cord reel. My buddy says they were printed within hours of me handing him the broken gear and are made of some type of sugar-based plastic that works well for gears. They look as good as the original plastic gear which lasted decades.


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              Im looking at the manuals and i seem to be able to find feeder parts that match your machine. They may be used in another machine that Hobart/Miller still covers. Otherwise Yeah. Gears arent bad to do with all these little hobby 3d printers. Now, there isnt any magic to them, they are pretty much a lightweight mill with a glue-gun as a mill head. They take input files that are essentially fancy gcode.. Nothing new under the sun, eh? Combined with cheap and easy cad, its pretty amazing what you can make in no time. Do you have a drawing with dimensions? If its not too complex I might be able to mock up the part for you.
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                talk to the hobart group. They may be able to help.
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                  Thanks for the replies. Trying to post pictures of what I need.


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                    Originally posted by FusionKing View Post
                    Maybe make something with a 3D printer?
                    3D scanning & printing to "reverse engineer" the parts


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                      I made some parts about 10 years for one of those. Can you email me a better pic? Thanks...Bob [email protected]
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