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What should I expect to pay for steel

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  • What should I expect to pay for steel

    I just got notice that my back ordered Miller Multimatic 215 multi process welder is being shipped after backorders stacked up on this machine due to the end of year rebate.

    Anyway, there is a fair size Steel Yard, in my town and I was hoping to go there and get some small random pieces of steel to practice on and start to learn with.

    What should I expect to pay for small random pieces of steel? Is it by the pound? or What? I am not asking for free-bees I am willing to pay just don't know what I could expect.

    Let me know what you think. Thanks.

    PS also there is a scrap yard too, it looks like they mostly just have crunched up vehicles smashed into a cube.

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    You don't even tell us what part of the planet you are on.

    Tell us where you are, and you'll get some ideas, and you might even find someone familiar with the steel yards near you.

    Else, Google and call them. Even though you didn't tell us, I'm assuming you know their name.


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      Most steel suppliers are $1 a pound. Some bigger steel companies are cheaper but some don't sell to the average joe. Scrap yards sell steel but it depends on the going price for scrap. They have a formula they use...Bob
      Bob Wright


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        My local surplus steel house (SURPLUS) I can buy for about $0.50 per lb for steel, whatever shape, size, structural, plate, sheet, etc. Aluminum and stainless is more, but also much cheaper than from the large warehouse which is normally dealing with truckload quantities and large customers buying thousands upon thousands of dollars of metal daily. The more you buy, the cheaper the price gets...

        They are the retail arm of the local largest steel supplier. Your price may vary wildly by what are you are in and what type of industry is around you.
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          The steel suppliers around here don't deal in small pieces, it's a 20' stick of whatever you're after or nothing. Doesn't mean all of them operate like that. <br />
          <br />
          The scrap yard is a good option, just don't go pilfering through their stacks of rusty gold, make sure you ask first. Bring cash. <br />
          <br />
          If you have a salvage or surplus steel yard nearby, that would be your best bet. The price per pound might be higher, but you won't have to buy a 4 X 10 foot sheet of it either. Again, bring cash. <br />
          <br />
          Otherwise, take a look around your neighborhood or town or wherever you live. People throw out metal junk all the time. <br />
          <br />
          Last resort, go spend $20 at your hardware store, they'll have small bits of angle and flat bar and other junk too.


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            I pay anywhere from .55 to $1 per pound. Steel is a commodity & the price fluctuates some. Also the shape you buy has different pricing such as sheet vs. tubing vs. angle, etc. My guy will cut to size & sell partials. If it's multiple cuts or you need something accuratly cut then I always give him some cash on top of what he asks for the material. He also has a rack of small random stuff. Treat your guy well & don't try to bargain with him unless he is way over priced then you should find another source anyway. Remember his time is worth something too so you are not only paying for the material, he has to make a living also. If you spend a half hour asking him all kinds of questions & then buy a $20 pc. of angle he'll probably think you are just a pain in the butt.
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              most suppliers will have shorts, lets say someone orders a 16 foot piece of angle iron, they will be charge for the 20 foot stick, plus the cut, then the 4 foot piece goes to the short pile to resell, not all yards offer the short piece along with the piece that is ordered, unless the customer ask for it, if he does, the price is the same, since he has already paid for it. so if you have a local yard, ask if they sell shorts, i stock my shop with shorts, you will be amazed as to whet ends up in the short pile


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                I bought some steel plate a week or so ago. Was like $117 for 3/16" 4ft x 8ft. But they had an outside pile that had surface rust from rain, no big deal. Got a 5/16" steel plate 4ft x 8ft for $99 and it calculated to be just over 400lbs for that plate.

                Also got like 3ft of 4" pipe and about 6ft of ~3" pipe but it seemed larger than 2 7/8"? Either way, the pipe I got for $0.21/lb.


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                  Total I spent was a little over $300 that day buying various sizes of 2" and 3" by 1/4" by 20ft strap and some angle iron too.