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Having trouble getting 350P to weld on pulse

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  • Having trouble getting 350P to weld on pulse

    Hello I was wondering if anyone had ideas on this problem. I'm looking to buy a used Miller 350P with spool gun and a XR Edge push pull gun. Did a test aluminum test weld with the spool gun on straight mig and it worked perfectly. Did another aluminum test weld with the push pull gun and again worked perfectly on straight mig. Changed over to the pulse mode and it wouldn't weld at all. Tried to arc up but kept sputtering and stop and starting.

    I'm pretty sure I had all the parameters set right as I already own a 350P and weld in pulse mode all the time and switch back and forth. I selected the right gun, 4xxx wire, pulse mode etc. Shut the machine off and restarted and a few other things but no go.

    Thanks for any and all suggestions.

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    Have you tried to pulse weld with steel?If it won't pulse weld in either it could be the tach/ pulse pcb.
    After trying both, call Miller and ask them.
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      I may be too late......but I say given the fact it is used and that you have experience......walk away.
      That's why we test used stuff. Unless they fix it on their buck.
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