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What brand of flow gauge do you use?

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  • What brand of flow gauge do you use?

    My welder came with a flow gauge but I have heard stories about people having their flow not accurate, leaking gas, using gas too quickly, etc, due to cheap flow gauges. I am wanting to replace it with a good reliable brand. Seems like Victor is a leader in this area. Do most of you run these or have you had good luck with maybe a slightly cheaper brand? Again, reliability and accurate are the most important to me, but it would be nice to save some money if possible just not at the cost of reliability or accuracy.

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    I have a couple of Miller (Smith's) "two gauge" regulator/flowmeters that work fine. When a third very old one finally died last year, I tried the $35 Flowmeter from HTP ( on my MM200. Works great; no issues.


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      I've been using Miller/Hobart's Smith flowgauges forever. The only one that broke was long ago when I was naive and my LWS gave me an adapter and said I'd be fine using it with CO2. He was wrong. Where are you 'hearing stories' about anything wrong with them?

      How accurate do you need it to be? I don't care what the number says. I adjust flow until I get perfect welds. All that matters is that it stays there. That said, I have no reason to suspect their accuracy, either. But I'm not going to fill and weigh balloons to test it.


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        I have a dual flow meter from HTP as well and find it works well. As for the rest, I have a larger smith regulator that came with my maxstar and its fine. The rest are all victor flow meters. I use those because parts and replacement flow meters are available at my LWS so I can be and running very soon if I break one.


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          Victor for all flow meters, mix of Prostar and Victor for regulators.


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            I don't buy the cheapest ones. I used to. I found there is a difference in flow amounts/volume. You can't use a flow meter from a little 110v mig on a 350P for example. Too much restriction.
            I like to be able to interchange my units when necessary.
            So I read the ratings and get the higher flow models, no matter what the brand. I have Radnor, Smith and Victor.

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