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My new 7'-6" x 12' Jig table pics

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  • My new 7'-6" x 12' Jig table pics

    I bought a newly ground flat welding table with lots of ribbing underneath, someone put I-beam legs under it, that I cut off and installed 5 adjustable legs under, I bought 8 adjustable 16" long slide bar clamps and cannibalized them.
    I also have 8" tall square tube pegs to clamp things square, they have a 1" pin that goes 2" deep into the table.

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    What are you going to use to protect that table from weld spatter ect? that's just to nice of table to get messed up.


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      I bought a grinding wheel, just gonna live with it.


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        That's absolutely awesome! Use it in good health. Whenever I've had the pleasure to using jig tables like that, we would spray it down with anti spatter spray where we would be welding. That took care of 99% of the problem and anything that stuck would generally come off with a chisel (no hammer).


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          Real Purdy.....................................

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            I could use that tomorrow!

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              It might be a little to cold up here for you Fusion King.