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Welding Cart Project on Miller Website -- Impressive

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  • Welding Cart Project on Miller Website -- Impressive

    Saw this on the Miller Project Website -- compliments on the look. I'd like to build one similar in 100% aluminum, but haven't found wheels like this (looked on go kart sites, others) --- anyone have a source for these "mag" style wheels.

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    Try the Lincoln. I bet they have them, only better.


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      Originally posted by ryanjones2150 View Post
      Try the Lincoln. I bet they have them, only better.

      I saw your name as the last person to answer and I just knew you were going to do that!
      if there's a welder, there's a way


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        I bet the wheels were removed from another project that was used for parts...Bob
        Bob Wright


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          Would bet they are off of a mobility scooter

          lots of them hitting the junkpile these days

          other interesting parts like servo motors on them too.... CNC project stuff..........

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            A friend of mine made a cool moving target for shooting at the range with some of those motorized scooters.
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              I had some like that they had come off a golf caddy I am not sure what you call it has the handle that all them stick fit in with the things on the end, what a way do describe something, am I go or what, you all can reply but Ryanjones, Ryan got U, Joe


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                Dang it.