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ASME Section IX Boiler Code

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  • ASME Section IX Boiler Code

    TIG welding together nickel plated carbon steel boiler tubes. Weld prep bevel is bare metal. Nickel plating is right up to the bevel edge so that when the final weld pass is made (the cap weld), 1 to 2mm of this nickel plating will be burned. Will the edges of the cap weld be problematic to achieve an acceptable weld per ASME Section IX boiler code? Should I be concerned about porosity where the cap weld meets the nickel plating?

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    I'm going to take a WAG, knowing nothing about boiler codes nor having done similar welding, but just to give the thread a thought. Nickel alloys into steel, and high nickel welding rods are useful for welding cast materials because, as I was led to believe, it is good at flowing where it's needed. Perhaps this means it shouldn't be a problem if some gets into your weld, basically making it a "stainless" weld...


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      Have you asked this question over at the AWS forum?


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        Agreed. Don't think this is the place to get the answers your looking for. Not from experienced folks with this anyway.
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