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Portable Welding table experience recommendations options?

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  • Portable Welding table experience recommendations options?

    Portable Welding table experience recommendations options?

    I would plan to mostly just wheel it around my shop but also maybe carry it in my pickup truck with cap for some possible odd jobs or emergency work.

    Looks like I can find two options for portable welding tables on is $150 (picture )

    Click image for larger version

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    P Lease advise, your thoughts and experience on portable welding tables or any others you may know of, course there is the Miller one too @ $290 ?

    Click image for larger version

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    Let me know what you think?

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    I haven't used either one of those. I have the full size Miller arc station, and it's a fine apparatus. I'm sure the portable one is too. <br />
    <br />
    As for the nomad, it looks exactly like the one horrible freight sells and it costs a whole lot less. Probably made in the same factory as far as I can tell. I didn't examine the specs on them for any differences. I have no doubt the nomad is also made in China. Northern tool has their variation as well. <br />
    <br />
    You could also make something of your own creation. My first welding table was made from a pile of scrap rebar.


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      I have a harbor freight table .It does what I need it to do Click image for larger version

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        I have both the HF like the one in your pic, and the Miller. I use both a lot, but after getting the miller, I never use the HF for welding any more. Random thoughts; no particular order:

        -the flipup pieces on the side and end do not make a precise square corner, and are pretty much useable only as individual straight edges.
        -light, and easy to move around, but reasonably sturdy. I put my cold saw or chop saw on it a lot; also really handy as a movable surface to put tools while working.
        -paid about $70 for it on sale, and would do it again. Not worth 150 bucks IMHO.
        -had this for a while before buying the Miller and did fine with it.
        -but, compared to the much more expensive Miller, it's still a Yugo compared to a Cadillac

        -For it's intended use--wow! Fantastic product. I love this thing, and I bought mine back when they cost more. as a matter of fact, with the Build With Blue rebates I got a "free" second one a year or two ago.
        -becomes about 20 times more useful with the pricey clamps that fit in the slots-the clamps are worth every penny, and I would not buy the table without buying at least two.
        -table is sturdy and flat - great for positioning small pieces for tacking. I have a couple of those steel-roller-on-a-stand supports I originally bought as outfeed supports for the table saw. I now use them to support pieces too long for the table. With careful clamping and adjustment, it works well when you don't have a big table available.
        -heavy to move-if you drop it on your foot without safety shoes while it's folded, it is gonna HURT.
        -wheels are a really nice touch when moving it from the shop or truck to where you will be welding
        -durable-been using mine for several years with no issues. (Heavy hobby use, not every-day work-way too old for that now). I did have a crimp on the cable that captures one of the locking pins that holds the legs in a folded position come loose, but just re-crimped it. No problem.

        I drilled and tapped one corner for 5/16 bolts to hold a small vise. Comes on and off in 30 seconds with two bolts, and is really nice to be able to hold pieces for grinding, beveling, etc. Obviously not for heavy duty use, but very handy.

        Both have their place. The clamps for the Miller are a must.
        Hope this helps.
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          I agree about the Miller clamps for sure.