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Squaring up a frame the easy way.

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  • ryanjones2150
    1/2" vertical welds done in any particular order?<br />
    <br />
    This is stuff you can only learn from doing. Nice work.

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  • Oldgrandad
    started a topic Squaring up a frame the easy way.

    Squaring up a frame the easy way.

    Building another truck bed, put the frame rails 1/8" x 3" x 6" steel tubes 24' long on jack stands 28 1/4" apart and weld in 4 spacer bars 3" from each end and then evenly spaced. Tacked in the end spacer bars then squared up the 3 x 6 tubes, then tacked in the other spacers. Rechecked square all good.
    Directions given were to weld the tops and bottoms of each spacer first and to do all welds in the same direction of travel, then weld the verticals and to do both verticals on each piece before going to the next one. The thought being that this order of welding will keep the assembly square. Well, the weld sequence ended up being top and vertical with no attention paid to direction of travel. The results were 3/4" out of square. After a moment of quiet contemplation..... I took the MIG gun away from my fellow employee and put about a 1/2" weld in opposing corners of each spacer and like magic the frame is dead square. This is a very easy method to move metal around it just takes a lot of trial and error ( mostly error ) to learn how much to lay down. Hope this helps anyone with an out of square frame, to straighten it out, without cutting or starting over.