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syncrowave 300, no HF in start, works in continuous

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  • syncrowave 300, no HF in start, works in continuous

    hello, i have a syncrowave 300 running on single phase 240v power. my issues is that the HF start only works on continuous, does nothing on start.

    In fact i can touch the electrode to the work piece and it does nothing even at full tilt on the pedal/machine. if i drag the electrode i can get a slight spark but nothing else.

    Also my HF intensity potentiometer doesnt seem to adjust the intensity while in continuous and even at max for testing start, it seems to do nothing. And on that note, im wondering if this is possibly causing the massive amount of radio interference im getting from the machine while welding. Its so high in fact that a milwaukee radio that i have across the shop stopped working twice in a row now only after using the machine. Is there a possible way to alleviate some of this RFI? the chassis is grounded to a copper stake pounded 5 feet into the ground 2 feet away from the machine.

    Thankyou for your help. I will post my serial number, but im not sure where it is exactly as its not on the inside of the machine (from what i can tell) and the back black power tag doesnt have the serial on it. the unit has sweeping analog dials and a pulser module.

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    You're gonna have to find the serial number.

    I had a similar issue with my old machine and had a bad contactor and switch.


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      Get the serial number so you have the right schematic, then read across the switch for continuity in start and continuous, make sure there's nothing coming through when it's in the off position. If that checks out, do the same thing reading from before the switch to after the potentiometer. If that works check that voltage increases and decreases as you adjust the pot. If that works then check the contractor in the pedal by reading the pins where they plug into the welder, there's a manual for the foot pedal too. Hope that helps.


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        thankyou for the replies, is there any specific places to look for the serial number? i dont see any tags on the insides of the panels or on the outside of the machine. Is it stamped on the frame somewhere possibly? I read a couple of the manuals trying to identify the specific year/serial and it did not have a location for the serial number tag.


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          Center, lower between the output studs.